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Te'Mete Fine-Art digital reproductions are digitally captured / scanned, and are the best available in the world.

  • They are high resolution digital image reproductions.

  • Printed using  razor sharp ultraHD Archival Print with multi faceted color to create depth and pigment definition.

  • Printed on Museum Quality, Acid-Free Canvas / Archival Hahnemühle Fine Art Print Paper, with white boarder / Acid Free Wood / Aluminum / Acrylic Glass (as per artwork product description)

  •  All surfaces and mediums are printed with high spec definition and premium technological advanced equipment. (as per artwork product description)

  • Archival prints are supreme quality, lasting up to 180 or more years before any color change is detected by the human eye.

  • All printed artwork are titled, numbered with an edition number, dated with the year of printing and signed.

  • The value of a published artwork will increase over the years.

Georgina Finished.jpg
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