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"Te'Mete will be cemented in history making him one of the most relevant Artist throughout time” - Dr Keith Ovenden - Chairman of the NZ National Portrait Gallery.

Te Mete Smith (born 1985) is a native Maori descendant from Ngai Te Rangi, Tanui, Te Arawa, and Ngati Ranginui iwi (tribe) in New Zealand. He is a New Zealand Contemporary Artist who lives in Switzerland.  The Artist paints original finely detailed artwork using oil, acrylic and flashe. He also creates Fine Art Print reproductions of his original artwork.

His artworks are inspired by his travels around the world and his passion to reflect humanity and elevate the human consciousness to show up for ourselves, our planet and each other, together as one.


The artist is energized by nature, wild life, culture and connecting with people from around the globe, painting influential politicians and celebrities.

Te`Mete has an adoring fascination with pop culture, which is referenced in his art. he says,  "I create art based on my experiences, to inspire and help elevate humans to do better and leave the world a better place than the way we found it"

Currently the Artist is working on demand portrait works for his "New Age" series, inviting people globally to become a part of history as he creates pop art / expressionist styled artworks to dawn the walls of future generations to come.

Te`Mete also continues to work on creating new art focused on his adventures and combing interesting history, facts and legends of nature, wildlife and our planet.

He works from his studio based in a Historical Baroc city called Solothurn in  Switzerland where he has been based since 2019.

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In 2012, Te’Mete made international history after painting Louisa Wall (NZ Labour Politician) known for fronting the Equality Amendment Bill that gave same sex couples the right to Marry in NZ, the original painting featured in Investment publications among artworks that have sold at Christies Auction in New York.  

On the 30th of March 2016 Te’Mete was inducted in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery. The most prestigious portrait gallery in New Zealand, his portrait of Carmen Rupe a New Zealand icon and LGBTQI human equality visionary. The Portrait ​was held in high esteem with an exclusive Ceremony that included the Wellington Mayor, Art Critics, Government and Officials. 

Throughout the years Te Mete has had many exhibitions and created a strong following of collectors and art buyers from all parts of the globe have purchased the artists works.

Through  the sales of his artworks Te Mete has raised funds for selected charities including, The Aids Foundation, Rainbow Youth, Cartier Bereavement Trust, Cancer Foundation, GABA, Cure Kids, Ronald McDonald House, World Vision,  among others. 


2018 - UK Ambassador Art Award

2016 - Tauranga Art Gallery - Miles Art Award Finalist

2016 - New Zealand Portrait Gallery Honour Inductment (Sole presentation for the Artist - Presented by Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and Politician MP Louisa Wall)

2016 - Finalist Molly Morpeth  Canaday Art Awards

2014 - NZ Government - Creative New Zealand Grant Award

2014 - National New Zealand Museum - Te Papa Hounouray

2013 - New York Christie Auction House

2013 - New Zealand Investor Tender

2012 - Finalist Molly Morpeth  Canaday Art Awards

2011 - 1st Place APN Media Art and Design Award

2010 - 1st Place Fuji Japan Art and Design Award

2008 - 1st Place Yellow pages New Zealand Art Award

2007 - 1st Place Yellow Pages Design Award

2003 - 1st Place Tauranga Council District Art Award




Bachelor of Art & Design, Major in Spatial Design -  Auckland University of Technology



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