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Sharing love stories from 93 countries


On Tuesday 28th of January at 7pm. The  #LOVEIS  movement will be released publicly on created by Artist Tè Mete Smith from the perspective of citizens that were personally interviewed from 93 countries around the World. The Artist traveled to many of our planets most loved destinations over 3 years. Two questions were asked. What is love? and what does love mean to you? The results are very compelling. #LOVEIS will be released as a blog authored and illustrated by Tè Mete whom collated interesting, humorous, exciting, intellectual, profound, scientific and emotional stories and information that have been documented and curated.

The first series will be shared once every week from Tuesday the 28th of January  2020 for 12 weeks. Each story will go live every Tuesday at 7pm. These are true stories written as the artist shares his intimate experiences of his own life whilst looking for answers, and understanding our humanity through the lens of people from completely different realities; spiritually, culturally, economically, sexually, among many diverse variables.

Now they are ready to be shared openly with the rest of the world at no cost to the reader. The intention of this on going project is to celebrate the depth and authenticity of what love is and share with an audience on a global scale, that allows the rawness of our own human nature to be seen for what it is and what love means to us in a swipe left generation, in a time of history where climate change, technology and human evolution that is rapidly changing our landscape everyday and the way we see our world, begging the question; How does love exist in our world today?

Showcasing our blog globally

This research continues as the Author shares a candid, full bodied, articulate blog, inspired by human kind, the goal is for each one of us to reach for a higher sense of value and purpose and to showcase this blog globally with free access, because these stories are an important treasure and have value where access should not be limited.

"Love transcends agenda, it speaks to social conformity, and rises above expectations, anticipating the needs of its guests. That's why it is so significant to leave the world better than the way you found it, and create the best potential we can possibly seek"​ - Te'Mete Smith

Beautiful illustrations


Tè Mete has paired captivating storytelling with stunning illustrations, creating a wonderful companion for reading (and discussion)

Why follow this blog?


If you've ever asked yourself, why cant I find love? what is love? what does love mean? was I actually in love? does love exist? how does love feel? ... or I'm in love, love is everything, love is life, I'm over love, I don't want to be in love... among many other thoughts of love. What we know for sure is that love is a universal feeling shared between humans, and many variations that in essence means its the peace of mind we all seek... what if one of the 93 countries that a national citizen originates from could offer you an insight or a perspective to something that can help enhance your life for the better. We offer this blog to our audience, that will allow people to open up and think deeper than swiping left or simply find these stories compelling and life altering, making it a good reason to follow.


How to Support or Sponser #LOVEIS


1: Support: The Artist encourages readers to share there own select images and quotes on social media following the hashtag| example: #loveis Believing in a purpose greater than yourself  (insert pic) the quote can be as profound, meaningful, fun, humorous as you feel.

2: Become a VIP member to #LOVEIS and receive exclusive content, prints, quotes and access to new artworks and exhibitions by Tè Mete, CLICK HERE for more information.

3: Corporate Partnership: Partner with Tè Mete and work with the Artist to bring attention to the movement, all agreements are discussed and agreed on mutually, if you would like to receive detailed information  for corporate partnership, please contact our team directly CLICK HERE

4: Private Sponsor: Every dollar goes a long way and is greatly appreciated to help build the public profile of this blog and movement. individual sums are greatly appreciated, for more information please CLICK HERE

2: Advertising: If you would like your business advertised alongside the #LOVEIS Blog we will send you schematic information and details for rate card costs to be present on the page. CLICK HERE

All funds made from this project will be invested back into the build of the brand and platform with the future goal to obtain a publishing contract. The stories and messages in this project need to have the best possible breadth of possibility to connect with people from all over the world.

Read the 12 part series on Tuesday 7pm

Begins 28th Jan 2020

Enjoy the weird and wonderful world of #LOVEIS

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