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The Emperor

The Emperor




The quote of Inspiration for creating this artwork: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" - Aristotle. As a child growing up on the East Coast of New Zealand, penguins often came to visit our home and even managed to come inside the house, this was my first exposure to the bird.


As I've travelled and learnt more about the different varieties of penguins around the world I had a fascination with the emperor penguin. For me we are all part of eco cycle surviving and adapting to the conditions that exist around us. The emperor penguin lives in Antarctica, their bodies are fully adapted to withstand extreme sub zero conditions.


This artwork depicts five emperor penguin's in sleek abstraction. The white space emphasizes the vast landscape of the Antarctic and the dots are patterned in Braille code which in translation mean. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" - Aristotle I used this quote because as humans we all need to know who we are in order to know what conditions our minds and bodies can withstand and not put ourselves in harms way, in order for us all to thrive. Just like the emperor penguin.


The emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is the largest type of penguin. The bird is adapted to living its entire life in the cold of the Antarctic coast. The generic name Aptenodytes means "diver without wings" in Ancient Greek. Like other penguins, the emperor does have wings, but it cannot fly in the air. Its stiff wings act as flippers to help the bird swim gracefully.


Penguins live in colonies ranging from 10 to hundreds of birds. When temperatures drop, penguins huddle in a rough circle around juveniles, slowly shuffling around so each adult gets a chance to shelter from the wind and cold.


Emperor penguins use vocal calls to identify each other and communicate. Adults can call at two frequencies simultaneously. Chicks modulate the frequency of their whistle to call parents and indicate hunger.


The average lifespan of an emperor penguin is around 20 years, but a few birds may live as long as 50 years.


"The Emperor"  

Variable Size's up to 900mm x 600mm

Printed on Archival Hahnemühle Fine Art Print Paper, with white boarder. Please note other surfaces are available on request.

Please contact us if you need any custom sized prints.


This limited edition print of 95 is now available.


All Artworks are copy written to protect the authenticity of the image by Te`Mete Smith and cannot be reproduced for commercial use without legal written consent. We securely protect the integrity, financial value and safety of every artwork sent to a client. All original paintings and digital artworks that are sold have a signed certificate of authenticity. with a serial number which will be protected by Te`Mete Artist and Creative to ensure the value and validity of the work is documented for any future purposes of resell.


The characteristics of the razor sharp ultraHD Archival Print are exhibited perfectly. The light enhances the appearance, making the colors and depth really pop. .Global shipping costs will vary, the value of costs will appear in your shopping cart once delivery location is entered


All costs are in New Zealand dollars.


If you have any questions please click here and make contact via email.

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