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Solar Power

Solar Power


Title - "Solar Power"

Year - 2021


The essence of this artwork: Celebrating nature working in synergy with the conciousness of The Divine Feminine.


This study fuses 4 New Zealand female Tui birds positioned in a circular motion with the Greek nimbus disk of light that surrounds each birds head, that represents a crown of light that evokes knowledge and empowerment and is referenced from traditional religious portaiture.


The golden geometric pattern in the background is a cosmos design that symbolises the balance of life in perfect symbiosis, whereby life works in tuned together, this pattern references biological form as a continuum of infinite existence beyond the physical realm.


My intention with this artwork is to investigate the balance of life, nature, ideology, form and the notion of infinite potential.


Inspired by my mother. 


This limited edition print of 95 is now available.


All Artworks are copy written to protect the authenticity of the image by Te`Mete Smith and cannot be reproduced for commercial use without legal written consent. We securely protect the integrity, financial value and safety of every artwork sent to a client. All original paintings and digital artworks that are sold have a signed certificate of authenticity. with a serial number which will be protected by Te`Mete Artist and Creative to ensure the value and validity of the work is documented for any future purposes of resell.


The characteristics of the razor sharp ultraHD Archival Print are exhibited perfectly. The light enhances the appearance, making the colors and depth really pop .Global shipping costs will vary, the value of costs will appear in your shopping cart once delivery location is entered


If you have any questions please click here and make contact via email.

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