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Rise - Muriwai

Rise - Muriwai




This Art piece is loosely based on The Maori Legend of Muriwai, which began when the Mataatua Waka arrived at Kakahoroa, the men went to survey the interior for settlement and left Muriwai in charge of the Women’s Waka. Whilst the men were away, the river being tidal, started to come in and the Waka become buoyant with the lapping of the rising and falling tide.

Muriwai was resting in a cave when the call was given to her that the incoming tide had re-floated the waka. After several calls, Muriwai finally replied that in adding my assistance to haul the canoe in from the coming tide, “I embody the strength of a man”, thus the name 'Whakatane" (township situated in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand) - to stand up and act like a man.

Te Mete was inspired by the story of Muriwai, the Legend transcends tones of inner strength and belief that even in the most impossible challenges, anything is possible.

Te Mete say's "I love the legend and I have become obsessed with it... Who was she? What did she look like... I've painted many artworks inspired by the legend... in this one I tried to explore a soft and confident feminity, a certain nakedness of her courage, her pride and empowerment for being a woman not a man... but her own strength... she did not need the strength of a man, she had it in her all the time".

The sun and light are deliberately shining on her through the darkness, the artists conveys a message... that even in darkness there is light, hope, empowerment and possibility.

Te Mete uses strong contrasting colours to evoke mood, he cleverly articulates the positioning of the figure, horizon line, ocean in proportion to the clouds and body.

Influenced in his architectural background. yet plays with the science of evocative colour, soul & painteryly application.


Limited edition archival canvas prints are available.

Archival prints are stretched on a wooden frame.


Size: 760mm x 510mm.


Global shipping costs will vary, the value of costs will appear in your shopping cart once delivery location is entered.


All costs are in New Zealand dollars.


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