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Into The Light

Into The Light




In our present time the Kererū is a large bird with irridescent green and bronze feathers on its head and a smart white vest. The noisy beat of its wings is a distinctive sound in our forests. kererū is a bird endemic to New Zealand. Māori call it Kererū in most of the country but Kūkupa and Kūkū in some parts of the North Island, particularly in Northland.

Tūī are unique (endemic) to New Zealand and belong to the honeyeater family, which means they feed mainly on nectar from flowers of native plants. They are boisterous, medium-sized, common and widespread bird of forest and suburbia – they are kown for their distinctive white throat tufts (poi). Also there vocal ability, with a complicated mix of tuneful notes interspersed with coughs, grunts and wheezes. In flight, their bodies slant with the head higher than the tail, and their noisy whirring flight is interspersed with short glides.

This painting depicts both birds in mid flight soaking the sunlight piercing through the silhouette of Pohutukawa Trees that grow along State Highway 2 in Waiotahe just before reaching Opotiki Town.

This study uses form, structure, and light to give perspective and depth of field to evoke a transcendental connection.


Limited edition archival canvas prints are available.

Archival prints are stretched on a wooden frame.


Size: 720mm x 720mm.


Global shipping costs will vary, the value of costs will appear in your shopping cart once delivery location is entered.


All costs are in New Zealand dollars.


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