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Carmen Rupe - The Final Portrait

Carmen Rupe - The Final Portrait





‘Carmen Rupe – The Final Portrait’ painted by New Zealand Contemporary Artist Te Mete was officially unveiled to the people of Wellington during a special ceremony held at the National Portrait Gallery on 30/03/2016.

Dr Keith Ovenden - Chairman of the New Zealand National Portrait Gallery said, “This is one of the most important and relevant pieces of Art in New Zealands History – reminiscent of a time of a not so tolerant and understanding New Zealand where Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Intersex People were shunned and poorly treated by officials and society for simply being themselves. This artwork will be cemented in our National history making Te Mete one of the most relevant Artists in our Country throughout history”

Gaelen Macdonald, Director of the New Zealand Portrait Gallery welcomed everyone to the presentation of the artwork to the City of Wellington. “I am grateful that an outstanding piece of New Zealand History will hang on our walls, this was the first time that such a soulful presentation has happened at the Gallery where emotions were high, Te Mete’s work is an important part of history for years to come”

MP and Marriage Equality champion, Louisa Wall, presented the portrait to the Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown. Mrs Wall purchased the painting during a fundraising auction in 2014. Wall said the portrait is “the first iconic member of the LGBTI community to hang on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery, which is pioneering for Te Mete, as his work is such an important part of our culture and it deserves to be enjoyed by everyone” which is why she has chosen to donate it to the people of Wellington. “Te Mete is an inspiration to his native Maori people and the LGBTI community among the rest of New Zealand and the world”


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