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A Tale of a Gorilla From Zurich.

A Tale of a Gorilla From Zurich.


Title - "A Tale of a Gorilla From Zurich."


Edition 16.


The quote of Inspiration for creating this artwork:

"Be strong enough to align your life with your purpose and be fearless"

- Te`Mete Smith


This quote is encrypted in Braille Language (blind text) within the artwork.


In 2019 I had my first intimate encounter with a Sub-Saharan Africa Gorilla, there were several infact living in captivity at the Zurich Zoo.


Behind a large glass wall I sat and peered into the man-made habitat. I was completely fixated. Every detail in which the primemate moved was captivating. They share upto 99% of the human DNA and are the closest living primemate behind the Chimpanzee and Bonboos.


They are the largest living primeates in the world. My fixation was an internallised feeling of sadness and trying to  reconcile my own over intellectualised understanding of how a magnificent creature has become so endangered, with only 200,000 Gorillas alive on the planet today.


The same human race responible for there plight are the same race trying to save the them. Our contridictions are a melody of noise sometimes, that did limit hope and action to do something about saving the primemate, It's the fact that people like Dian Fossey and others who have bought attention to the Gorilla on the world stage and pioneered a way in which this creature can live safely in the wild. 


In essence the Gorillas I seen this day will never know the freedom or the world beyond there caged home, and used for scientific research, alot like humans they are trapped and integrated into a system of captivivty.


The difference is these Gorillas in Zurich will never know there ancestral homeland or the feeling of  a natural habitat like there predecessors, who lived in the subtropical forest of the Sub-Saharan Africa, chewing on fresh bamboo shoots, braking wood and scooping termites and ants out to eat, seems so simple and natural.


Behind glass, they are an object of facination like a comodity to be admired, but who they are beyond thoes glass walls is something they will never know.


It reminds us all of how important it is to realise how lucky we are as humans to have a choice to be able to decide and become  strong enough to align our lives with our purpose and be fearless to achieve what ever vision we want for ourselves, we are blessed to have that.


"A Tale of a Gorilla From Zurich"  

Variable Size's up to 1000mm x 1000mm

Printed on Archival Hahnemühle Fine Art Print Paper, with white boarder. Please note other surfaces are available on request.

Please contact us if you need any custom sized prints.


This limited edition print of 95 is now available.


All Artworks are copy written to protect the authenticity of the image by Te`Mete Smith and cannot be reproduced for commercial use without legal written consent. We securely protect the integrity, financial value and safety of every artwork sent to a client. All original paintings and digital artworks that are sold have a signed certificate of authenticity. with a serial number which will be protected by Te`Mete Artist and Creative to ensure the value and validity of the work is documented for any future purposes of resell.


The characteristics of the razor sharp ultraHD Archival Print are exhibited perfectly. The light enhances the appearance, making the colors and depth really pop .Global shipping costs will vary, the value of costs will appear in your shopping cart once delivery location is entered


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