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 We would like you to become apart of history, and submit your interest by being selected to have your portrait created by International Artist Te'Mete Smith.


Smith, resides in Switzerland  and he is initiating an Art collection called "The New Age" the series is based on renaissance principles of capturing people like yourself in a moment of time to be kept as treasures and preserved for centuries to come.   

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Our Mission

The on set of digital technology and the "selfie" world that we now live in, portrait painting is not as commonly used as a form of record keeping as it once was and we intend to change that.

This movement is directed and executed by the Artist himself, with over 10 years professional experience creating, exhibiting and selling art to fine art collectors and art enthusiast. He intends to encourage people to see the value in Art through portrait painting and becoming apart of history for future generations the way the great Artist did during the renaissance movement but with a contemporary twist.

We Want You

Become apart of history and increase the value of your portrait as an investment. Art should be sentimental and meaningful, connected to you and apart of your story, it can also increases in value over time which benefits you and those in the future.

Te Mete is an established Award Winning Artist originally from New Zealand, his artwork is collected by museum's and institutions, he has used his skill to celebrate the lives of others including, Politian's and Famous Celebrities amongst valued clients who want a portrait of loved ones or themselves. He wants everyone to be apart of it "Te'Mete will be cemented in our history making him one of the most relevant and Artists throughout time” - Dr Keith Ovenden - Chairman of the NZ National Portrait Gallery.


Submit Your Details

If you would like to become apart of history please contact us or fill out the form on the link below and we will email you with our rate card for sizes and specific information. Our intention is to create amazing portraits that bring emotional connection, family treasures, value of investment and joy to people lives that they adore and love for eternity.

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"Art transcends agenda, it speaks to social conformity, and rises above expectations, anticipating the needs of its guests. That's why it is so significant to leave the world better than the way we found it, and create the best potential we can possibly seek"

- Te'Mete Smith

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