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Louisa Wall in White Light

Louisa Wall in White Light




Te Mete had the pleasure of meeting Louisa Wall (Labour MP for Manurewa) early 2013, prior to the monumental and historic passing of the Equality Bill in New Zealand, where she proposed the definition of Marriage being changed to allow same sex couples the right to be Married legally with the same rights as heterosexual couples.

This was and is an international topic across the world and has caused allot of controversy.

Louisa’s work inspired Te Mete and aligned with his thinking to be that of something he has believed in since growing up in Te Kaha New Zealand. When he decided to dedicate himself to being a Full Time Artist late 2012 the following quote is what initiated his manifesto.

- “Unity is not...merely a condition resulting from a sense of mutual goodwill and common purpose, however profound and sincerely held such sentiments may be, any more than an organism is a product of some fortuitous and amorphous association of various elements. Unity is a phenomenon of creative power, whose existence becomes apparent through the effects that collective action produces and whose absence is betrayed by the impotence of such efforts.”

Universal House of Justice, Century of Light, p. 41

Te Mete says "Louisa’s work was courageous and that it was truly a great experience meeting her, and an honor to paint her portrait".


Limited edition archival canvas prints are available.

Archival prints are stretched on a wooden frame.


Size: 760mm x 510mm.


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All costs are in New Zealand dollars.


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